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RW3976 LC

RENATO LANDINI Wallet w/ Notepad/ Core


The moment eternal just that and no less. the turning point in recognizing life's meaning is when you discover the innermost Core of your strength. With the embossed signature of the RENATO LANDINI trademark. this collection is simply divine. Core Notepad with Pen by RENATO LANDINI.

Products Details:

- Product Name: Core
- Product Code: RW3976 LC
- Brand/ Manufacturer: Renato Landini
- Designed: Italy
- Made: Italy
- Gender: Unisex
- Material: Genuine Leather
- Color: Brown
- Product Width. Length and Depth: 80 x 110 x 20 mm
- Item Weight: 86 gCOMPONENTS:
- Leather Notepad Holder with 2 Card Slot and 2 Internal Pockets
- Mini Ball pen
- Small Paper Notepad (50 sheets)

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