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RW3536 LC

RENATO LANDINI Notepad Holder With Pen/ Capital


The brown face of Capital design with diamond stitched. with embossed logo in front. adorned with a Card Slots. Mini Ball pen and Notepad.

Products Details:

- Product Name: Capital
- Product Code: RW3536 LC
- Brand/ Manufacturer: RENATO LANDINI
- Designed: Italy
- Made: Italy
- Gender: Unisex
- Material: Genuine Leather
- Color: Brown
- Product Width. Length and Depth: 90 x 115 x 25 mm
- Item Weight: 101 gCOMPONENTS:
- Leather Notepad Holder with 3 Card Slots and 2 Internal Pockets
- Mini Ball pen
- Small Paper Notepad (50 sheets)

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