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R1152 LA

RENATO LANDINI Black Leather Bag/Move


First class and elegant even on the Move. tastefully refined yet fastidious. They are constantly creating that shift to bring out high value and asset rise. He is never still for he is observant and steadily hungry for the win.

Products Details:

- Product Name: Move
- Product Code: R1152 LA
- Brand/Manufacturer: RENATO LANDINI
- Designed: Italy
- Made: Italy
- Color: Black
- Handle: Soft Leather Handle with metal sided rings.
- Lock Type: Metal Clasp fastening with key.
- Material: Soft Artificial Leather from outside & 210D lining martial inside.
- Provided with Leather shoulder strap
- Product's Width. Length and Depth: 40 x 30 cm
- Item Weight: 1630 g

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